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Privacy Policy

Honestly, if there is any data collecting going on here, it isn't from us. Come on, we're just some redneck hillbillies from South Dakota. The only information I need is from you directly via email or USPS. If for some reason you end up getting your information harvested and sold to the highest bidder, I'd just call it a win because someone wants to sell something to you. And let's be honest, you can't tell me that those huge companies don't already have it anyway. Just the other day Teresa and I were talking about furniture. The next thing you know, my Facebook feed starts showing me chaise loungers. Really? Who does that? I blame Alexa. I think she's spying on me. I didn't even know what a chaise lounger was up until that point. Now I have to get rid of something in my brain just to make room for that knowledge. Thanks, Facebook. Or Alexa. Anyway, I'm just saying that we're likely not important enough that the big shots will be watching us close to see if you are interested in furniture. But, you just never know.

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