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Current Litter Pictures and Pedigrees

Here are a few photos of the current litter from Bandit and Emma. Bandit and Winnie have a litter as well. They are growing fast, and we hope to keep the photos updated! If you are looking for some rock-star hunters for the family, let us know! As they grow, we will be working with their training for the hunts and their skills will increase.

The English Setter is a quick, quiet (sometimes not so quiet) worker with an excellent nose.


They have a coat that keeps them comfortable in both hot and cold weather (we trim their barrels in the summer).


They are a very gentle and calm dog (gentle, yes; calm, not necessarily); friendly and excellent with children (so true). Setters are easy going, loving all the affection they can get (sometimes even more than that).


They are exuberant and vivacious outdoors, but relatively inactive indoors (ha- we wish). With meek owners they will become willful. They need authoritative, calm (oh so calm), but firm, confident and consistent owners.


Field types are bred for hunting and field trial work and are generally smaller and lighter (unless it is the off season and they are house dogs). They have a high energy level and need daily exercise. The dominancy level in English Setters varies even within the same litter.

Our Mega-Rock Star English Setters