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Sports Afield Magazine features an article in their January/February issue that shares some of our South Dakota prairie adventures in pursuit of grouse and prairie chicken.


This story speaks to a hunt on foot at my family homestead, highlighting dog work from a seasoned veteran and a rockstar in the making.


I'm grateful to have the opportunity to feature the incredible dogs that make our lives such a rush in the field. I'm also happy to share my quest to master the sport, including how wonderfully foolish I can be.


Visit the Sports Afield website by clicking on their logo above. Read the featured article by clicking on the picture to your left.

Available Puppies

Our latest litter was born on January 6, 2024. We have three males and three females available for sale.

These pups come from championship bloodlines and their momma and daddy rock the South Dakota prairie.

Serious miles, not a bird missed in the field. Proper manners and house dog demeanor.
It's the perfect combination with these genetics, ask any of our clients.

I can't say enough about the potential of these pups, which is why there is so much copy in this section of our website.


Seriously, we're talking supernova dogs, not some backyard breeding. We kick out very few litters (not even one a year on average)
because we want to further the breed more than cash in on sales.


When we recognize superstardom, we move on it. The result is amazing dogs in the field and in front of the fireplace.


Here's your opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime hunting companion and partner, or a dog that can dominate the
field trials in your world. These pups are biddable, brilliant, and calculating and will shine with the right owner.


We'll be working with them as time progresses, and the further we get, the more we'll want to keep them in the lineup.

Give us a shout today for more information!


Imagine yourself riding across rolling prairie hills or breathtaking river breaks on your Tennessee Walking Horse. High up in the saddle, you watch champion bloodline English setters search for upland game birds such as the greater prairie chicken, sharptail grouse, and ringneck pheasant. If it’s a good day, you’ll have the saddlebags full of your harvest. If it isn’t, well, honestly, there’s no such thing as a bad day in the saddle working dogs.

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