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Our trail rides are on hold for now. Due to a change in regulations, we are currently working on the proper permits and location finalization. We will keep you updated on this website when we are ready to hit the field. Be sure to check back!

Horseback riding is a great way to slow down and experience the West like the early explorers and fur traders did, when horses were the fastest way to get from here to there. Even today, there are many hidden places in our state that the family truckster can’t take you. From iconic landmarks not-so-hidden in South Dakota's public lands to rolling prairies and river breaks, the list of riding terrain for you and your steed are endless.

Only a few activities remain the same as in the real days of The Old West, and horseback riding is one of them. Step back in time and experience The Old West as seen from the eyes of the early pioneers and settlers of days gone by.

On any ride, anticipate inclement weather, biting insects, and emergencies and bring the appropriate gear for these conditions. During mosquito and fly season carry and use stock insect repellent. I'm not going to lie. There were a couple of rides that we went on that the flies were so bad they made our jeans look furry. Lucky for us, our horses are trained professionals, so they behaved in the best possible manner. I can't say the same for me...

Our Horseback Riding Adventures

Horseback Party! A Riding Adventure for you!

It's actually quite relaxing and enjoyable. There's not a lot of danger involved. Our horses love leisure strolls through the prairie, enjoying a nibble of sweet, sweet grass on occasion.


2021 Price Guide & Other Details

$40 per person, a maximum of four people. We need riders to be 12 years old, that's just how it works with insurance. We also need a couple of days notice to plan our schedule.


We are hoping to start up in June and will run through July this year.

We accept all major credit cards.


Ready to plan your ride?

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