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Our Story

Jeff and Teresa have been together long enough to dream big, plan big, and roll with what comes our way. Things are seldom easy, but the satisfaction that comes from doing what you love is worth it. Most days...

In addition to our herd of horses and pack of dogs that keep us in the hunting business, our acreage keeps many goats, several cats, and far too many chickens, Guinea fowl, and chukar partridge to count.


The goats provide us with milk most of the year, and cute little babies in the early Spring, thanks to the virility of our herd sire Puck. The chickens take care of our egg production, the Guinea try to keep the rodents at bay, and the chukar provide hours and hours of training for the dogs (old and young). We use the extra milk and eggs to pay for the feed that everyone insists they need.

Along our journey with Tinker Kennels, LLC. and The Rocking Horses Hunt Club, we have met some incredible people. Many of our clients are now our friends, which is just how we like it. We always look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

Without the help of our family and friends, we likely would have been committed long ago. I'd say we would have gone crazy, but we are way past that.

Jeff and Teresa

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